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"Love-Based" Teacher Training

An Immersive, Life- Changing Experience

RYS 200 Hours Yoga Alliance

Transform your passion into expertise at Gaia Flow Yoga with our “Love-Based” teacher training. Our program not only fulfills the 200 Hour Yoga Alliance certification but also extends to enrich your grasp of yoga’s essential principles, encompassing asana, pranayama, yoga psychology, anatomy, meditation, chanting, mantras, and Sanskrit. In our interactive workshop-style training, you’ll delve into ancient methods for mastering advanced yogic postures, precise alignment cues, and the art of safe hands-on adjustments.

Begin an enriching journey with Gaia Flow Yoga’s love-based teacher training. More than just learning the fundamentals, our program is a transformative experience that will broaden your knowledge, revolutionize your personal practice, and make a lasting difference in your life.

200 Hour Teacher Training
RYS 300 Hours Teacher Trainings Upgrade

Advance your yoga journey with Gaia Flow Yoga’s 300-hour Teacher Training, a seamless continuation from our 200-Hour Training. This comprehensive program is meticulously crafted to elevate your personal practice and teaching skills, fulfilling all prerequisites for becoming a Registered Yoga Teacher at the 500 Level. This advance “Love-Based” training is an immersive study of yoga’s true path in an environment that nurtures wellbeing on multiple levels of body, mind, and spirit. Our curriculum covers a wide spectrum: from the intricate details of yoga Asana and crafting dynamic Vinyasa classes, to the soothing practice of Yin Yoga and the transformative insights of Yoga Philosophy. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of proper alignment and injury prevention through Applied Anatomy. Enhance your practice with formal training in Sanskrit, Chanting, Pranayama, and Mudras. Plus, our specialized Workshops in Meditation and other key areas will further expand your skills. The unique blend of ancient wisdom and modern teaching techniques, all rooted in our love-based philosophy, offers a unparalleled, comprehensive, hands-on learning experience that is truly enriching and transformative.

This training merges the richness of ancient wisdom with the efficacy of modern teaching techniques. Grounded in our love-based philosophy, it promises an unmatched, comprehensive, hands-on educational experience that is both exceptionally enriching and transformative.

300 Hour Upgrade Teacher Training
Discover Your "Why" With Our Teacher Training

Experience the Difference with Gaia Flow Yoga: Where Our “Love-Based” Practice Sets Us Apart in Teacher Training”

Discover the transformative power of authentic yoga with Gaia Flow Yoga’s “Love-Based” Teacher Training. This isn’t just a typical training; it is an immersive experience that will transform your life. Under the guidance and care of our experienced senior teachers and supportive staff, our tranquil, heated studios become a sacred sanctuary for personal growth and a space where heartfelt connections flourish.

Our 200-hour program, spanning ten weekends, is designed to build a robust foundation in yoga basics, enhancing your practice, refining your practice, enriching your teaching skills, and catalyzing personal transformation.

For those with a thirst for deeper wisdom, our 300-hour modular program is the gateway to advanced practices, structured in monthly segments over a year to give you the freedom to immerse, practice, and master your evolving capabilities.

We warmly invite you into our yoga family as we start this life-changing journey together. In our unique “Love-Based” teacher training, we foster your holistic growth, equipping you to become both a skilled yoga teacher and a dedicated lifelong practitioner of yoga’s deep wisdom. Step onto this fun and challenging path that leads beyond the mat and into the heart of yoga with us.

Good News Yogis!

Saturday August 3rd, 2024 at 2:00pm (Plano Studio). 

Please RSVP here

We are excited to welcome you into the Gaia Flow Yoga Family, answer any questions, show you our beautiful studio, and give you more details about our Love-Based program.

Heart and soul,
Chrystal Rae and Andres

Get Ready to be Inspired, RSVP Required.

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