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1.)  Create an account in our site if you don’t have one.

Please note:  If you have been at any Gaia Flow Yoga studio before you already have an account.

2.)  Click on the “Video Library” button below

3.) Login using your email address as the username.  You may reset password if needed.

4.) All of our videos are currently free for everyone, Enjoy !



1.) Scroll down to sign up for a class on our Live Stream Schedule

2.) Click “Next” and login

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3.) Studio Members (Monthly Auto-Pay or Pre-Paid Year):  Live Stream and Video on Demand is included in your plan, no payment is required

4.) Check your email for a live stream link: Live stream links are sent out 30 minutes before the start of class. If you’re booking within the last 30 minutes, then you’ll receive the email within a minute or two.

5.) Log in to the live stream class and set your preferences

6.) Enjoy !


New Users and Non-Studio Members: Scroll Down and Select ” VIRTUAL DROP IN” to pay for a single Live Stream class $7 (create account if you are a new user) or,

Purchase the LIVE STREAM AND ONLINE MONTHLY (Auto-Pays) for only $29.   Please do it before signing up for classes using the “Buy Now” button in the banner below.

Unlimited Live Stream + Video Library (monthly with auto-pay) $29


Live Stream + Video Library Unlimited Monthly $ 29