After completion of the 200-Hour Training, graduates are eligible to expand their education and take the 300-hour upgrade to become Registered Yoga Teacher at the 500 Level.

Why You’ll LOVE our Gaia Flow Yoga 300- Yoga Alliance Upgrade Advanced Teacher Training:

Overcome Burnout:

You will get to be a Student Again – burnout and fatigue are real concerns that all teachers must battle with; and ALWAYS, the way to overcome burnout is relight the fire of your own practice.Be a student again: During the course, you will be a student again and be on the receiving end of the student teacher relationship, benefiting from the love and support of the directors of the program’s (Chrystal Rae and Andres Illera) strong nurturing energy, their many years of experiential practice and teaching skill, along with their strong team of guest teachers who are all scholars in their perspective areas.

Increase Your Value:

As the yoga community matures, so do the requirements of employers. In the same way that a bachelor’s degree used to be very significant in the academic world, serious yoga students need to continue their education with advanced yoga studies. It is important to stay current, increase your value as a teacher and to continue your personal education. Yep, back to school again!

Wonderful Teachers:

Chrystal Rae along with Andres Illera (founders of Gaia Flow Yoga) and an amazing team of guest teachers will support your success as you gain the knowledge and skill needed to sharpen your teaching skills and refine your personal practice.

Experiential Training:

You are already a great teacher. Now it is time to step up to the next level of your personal practice, expand your teaching ability and to root yourself with confidence and expertise that a good education provides.  And, as you already know from the 200 Hour Certification experience, Gaia Flow Yoga is an Authentic Yoga Teacher Training Program that is very “hands on”, experiential and dedicated to providing each student with in-depth and personal instruction.

Comprehensive Program:
This comprehensive program will explore and expand on the principles and practices of our amazing signature style of our unique Love Based Vinyasa Flow Practice; incorporating breath, movement, core strength, rhythm, music and most importantly LOVE!

Here is what you will learn


Asana Practice: A Personal Yoga practice is an essential part of any teacher’s life so there will be a led and Mysore style self-practice sessions daily with Chrystal Rae (course director) and her teaching team.

Ashtanga: The cultivation of a daily practice which will include the Ashtanga Primary Series to enhance your Vinyasa practice and heal the body.

Vinyasa: Presentation, clear guidelines and instruction to facilitate the understanding and skill of logically sequencing a well-structured Vinyasa flow class.

Yin Yoga: How to practice and teach a Yin Yoga Practice (Still Water Practice).

Yoga Philosophy: A background, overview and in depth study of the Yoga Sutras, taught in a practical way that will enhance both your practice and life.

Sanskrit: Pronunciation, transliteration as applicable to an asana practice, individual yoga poses and a few important and relevant verses from the Yoga Sutras and yoga chants.

Chanting:Chanting will be demystified and made user friendly so that you can bring it into practice and meditation.

Applied Anatomy:Review and better understanding of anatomy of the body as related to asana practice, pregnancy, special groups and injuries.

Pranayama: Review of basic breath work and skill building for a more in depth pranayama practice in asana practice and meditation.

Mudras:A better understanding of the value of mudras in asana practice and meditation.  Includes chakras.

Meditation:Basic and advanced meditation techniques to enhance your life and practice.

Workshops: In depth instruction and tools needed to teach four different workshops (Backbends, Arm balance, Twisting, and Hip opening) in a logical and sequential series.

Adjustments:In depth understanding of adjustments in a teaching  environment.



LOCATION: Plano Studio

Important Requirement: In order to take the 300-Upgrade to become a Registered Yoga Teacher at the 500 Hour Level participants are required to be RYT-200 (Registered Yoga Teacher 200-Hour). Additional requirements may apply to participants who are RYT from a different school.

Modules are held on Saturdays & Sundays 7:00am-4:00 pm (See dates below).  Students may take modules in any order and will have up to 24 months to complete all 12 modules in order to graduate. Outside work and study (non-contact hours)required.



Module 1 Summit (Primary Series, SSA, SSB, and Standing Series)

Saturday 01/13/2024 & Sunday 01/14/2024

Module 2 Summit (Primary Series: Seated and Finishing Poses)

Saturday 02/17/2024 & Sunday 02/18/2024

Module 3 Still Water (Yin Practice)

Saturday 03/16/2024 & Sunday 03/17/2024

Module 4 Sanskrit

Saturday 04/13/2024 & Sunday 04/14/2024

Module 5 Yoga Sutras Part I

Saturday 05/18/2024 & Sunday 05/19/2024

Module 6 Yoga Sutras Part II

Saturday 06/15/2024 & Sunday 06/16/2024

Module 7 Meditation

Saturday 07/13/2024 & Sunday 07/14/2024

Module 8 Anatomy

Saturday 08/17/2024 & Sunday 08/18/2024

Module 9 Sequencing Part I

Saturday 09/14/2024 & Sunday 09/15/2024

Module 10 Sequencing Part II

Saturday 10/12/2024 & Sunday 10/13/2024

Module 11 How To Teach Workshops

Saturday 11/16/2024 & Sunday 11/17/2024

Module 12 Vayus, Pranayama, Chakras, Bhandas

Saturday 12/07/2024 & Sunday 12/08/2024

Students are required to register online in advance for each module.

Cancellation Policy: All purchases are final and non-refundable.

Questions ? Call/Text Andres at 214-235-1153