Gaia Flow Yoga Workshops

Flying Crow (Arm Balances and Inversions)

Location: Plano Cost: $40

Coming in 2024, Stay tuned…

Join Chrystal Rae and Andres Illera (Founders/Owners of Gaia Flow Yoga) for a FUN and enlightening HANDSTAND AND ARM BALANCE journey.

Under the loving guidance of these Master Gaia Flow Yoga Teachers, learn the ancient yogic techniques that make it SIMPLER and EASIER to HANDSTAND, FLOAT and FLY!

LEARN the 4 Key Requirements in Arm Balancing along with the 4 Step Process for a FREE STANDING Handstand and Arm Balances

This workshop is appropriate for motivated beginners and dedicated yogis of all levels who want to learn how to govern the physics of flight and easily achieve some of the most challenging postures in yoga: Crow, Side Crow, Forearm balance, Scissors, Tittibhasana, and MUCH more!

Deep Lotus Workshop (Hip Openers)

Location: Plano Cost: $40

Coming in 2024, Stay tuned…

Open up your hips and feel the body soften.

Learn to evolve your practice with compassion, kindness and love.

Review and learn the basic anatomy of of the hips and the spine.

Practice proper (safe) alignment of twists/hip opening postures through breath work that facilitates opening

Practice step by step entrance to difficult twisting and seated postures.

Explore the emotional connection between tight hips and spine

Dancing Cobra Workshop (Backbends and Heart Openings)

Location: Plano Cost: $40

Coming in 2024, Stay tuned…

Learn easy muscle activation and release techniques that facilitate openings and release tension.

Learn how to strengthen your core to protect your spine as you bend into new areas of freedom.

Simple techniques to open shoulders, upper back, middle back, and lumber spine will prepare the spine for body bending.Most lower back issues directly correlate with tight hamstrings. Learn how to release the hamstrings and free your spine.

Twisting Sage Workshop (Spinal Twists)

Location: Plano Cost: $40

Coming in 2024, Stay tuned…

Daily habits such as sitting in office chairs, cars, and sofas, combined with limited movement can lead to discomfort, tightness and even pain in our hips. The discomfort often spreads to other parts of the body such as the lower back or knees.

Twisting motions increase mobility in the vertebral column, massage internal organs, massages nutrients in and through the spine.

It also aids in moving material through the digestive system, tone back and core muscles, and balance energy flow throughout the main energy flow channel (Sushumna) that travels along the line of the spine.