I met yoga in May of 2011 and fell in love. I know now I was meant to come into the studio that day and sweat through 90 minutes of Chrystal’s Weekend Warrior but I had no idea how it would begin to change my life. There was a new love in my life and it was more fulfilling than anything I had ever experienced. In those first months of my practice I found myself crying during Savasana. My body would be light, my breath calm but my emotions overflowing with confusion. I was not sure why my tears came or how they came but I continued to practice because something in me was shifting and it felt really good.

I met women like me who wanted to deepen their practice, help others and who were on their own journey. We attended teacher training together and became ‘lifelong’ friends. I truly believe ‘like attracts like’ and that we were all meant to be in the same program. It was the first day of training when I shared my story and how I met yoga. The tears came again. One day on my mat I stopped crying and started smiling. I had fallen in love with myself, my truth and my new way of living.
I met my truth. The truth shall set you free…is more true to me now than it was when I heard it in bible study as a child. Every day I live with truth and presence. Every week I practice the spiritual Sadhana. Every ten years my practice will mature to new levels. This isn’t an overnight (let me get into my handstand) way of life. This is a new life…my life.

I hope I can hold the light for those that can’t or won’t and that in some small way each day my guidance will filter you through the tough stuff and allow you to soften into life.