Sonya Tatro Yoga Instructor Gaia Flow YogaIn the past, I was a very angry person and was a slave to my emotions. I had an extremely addictive personality that has endangered my life more than I’ll probably need to or want to know. In 2007, a dear friend brought me into Gaia Flow Yoga to try their classes. From the instant I walked into the studio, I was hooked (no pun intended). The classes offered me an escape from my addictions, and from my past. The studio offered me a sanctuary where I could work on myself with no judgement from the outside world.  It really is true, you know? That,”whatever unfolds on your mat, unfolds in your life.” The more time I spent at the studio, the more centered and at peace I felt outside in the real world. I learned how to deal with life and it’s crazy ups and downs in a yogic way. I have kicked the crazy addictions and cut the chains that have been holding me back. Now, instead of throwing punches, I unroll my mat and flow~
I began teaching in 2008 after graduating from Teacher Training at Gaia Flow. The students, instructors, Chrystal & Andres have all become a permanent fixture in my life and have also become my second family away from home. My passion for teaching has ignited as I help others see that change can truly happen to an individual, despite their past. All we need to do is accept every day and each situation with an open heart and present mind.
I hope to see you on the mat soon, either in class or in practice.
 Namaste~ Sonya Pepping