My yoga journey began late in 2017. It was something I was introduced to and was very hesitant towards even giving it a try. Coming from the mentality of being a “gym bro” I had a misconception of what yoga was. I think a lot of males have this mindset that yoga is just a bunch of “stretching” and people in multi-colored yoga pants. While the second part may be true. I was quickly humbled by the practice. I was humbled the first time, the first week, the first month, the first year, and I’m still humbled to this day. For all my gym strength did not translate over to yoga. It was at first a bit frustrating, I am competitive by upbringing, nature, and culture. This is something that takes time to devolve from. Learning to love the process. Love the journey. Not worry about the result, not worry about why a pose doesn’t look a certain way. To me this is one of the most beautiful things I’ve learned in yoga. The ability to keep pushing yourself, while maintaining happiness with where you currently are, and that where you are is right where you are supposed to be. For me this is the balance of my competitive ways, while pushing myself in my practice. While yoga used to be something I saw as a physical challenge, it eventually at everyone’s own pace delves into a deeper meaning. How we live on the yoga mat can often translate to how we live off it. Learning that breathwork is the most important component in our practice. The ability to control the breath and slow it down is the first step to controlling your emotions and body when faced with stress on and off the mat.

Yoga has brought me a pure joy over these past couple of years and there is no future path I have that won’t have yoga involved in one or another. When I joined teacher training through Gaia Flow Yoga, it was cause I wanted to further my practice while getting to know my fellow Gaia students better. Gaia Flow Yoga has such a strong community and I think that’s one of the many reasons why I was attracted. Before I was done completing teacher training, I knew deep down I wanted to teach, and I wanted to share the knowledge and joy that it had brought me with others. I’ve really developed a love for all things Inversions or handstands. There’s something peaceful about being able to hold these poses that require strength and balance. Nothing else in the matter’s world to me and my focus feels like it goes beyond 100% when I’m doing my inversion practice. Whether you are new to yoga or experienced, come join me on the mat anytime for an always strength building, inversion, high flying good time. There’s always a place for everyone I say.