I have been a fitness enthusiast ever since I can remember. Sports were my jam. In my teenage years, I had put on weight and was looking for a way to take it off as a young adult. I joined a gym, and later found Cross Fit. The weight came off fast with a steady workout regimen and healthy diet. My body felt tight even with the mobility I would do at times and I was looking for something else to ease my muscle stiffness. That is when I found yoga. It was amazing! I was able to open parts of my body that I could not do in my other work outs. Yes, I am talking about my muscles, but what I soon found out was how much it would open my mind. There was a soothing feeling I would feel from the practice and from the kind words that were spoken from my very first yoga instructor. I was hooked!

I later decided I needed to learn more about the spiritual side of yoga. I investigated books at first to expand my knowledge, but decided I wanted a class with actual interactions and more formative information. While looking online, I found Gaia Flow Yoga. “Love is why” was the motto and their first teacher training class in the spring of 2019 started on my birthday. I knew this just had to be a sign! I quickly signed up and anxiously waited for the first class. The energy and love that I found through training at GFY has truly transformed my life. I am so glad I took the plunge to begin this next chapter of my life of inner peacefulness.