Physical exercise has always been an important part of my life. Although, for several years my yoga practice was intermittent. I started practicing regularly in 2008 while undergoing a divorce. As a recently single mother, business professional, and fitness enthusiast, my stress level and self doubt were at an all time high.

Yoga helped me find the balance.

Through regular practice, I have been able to find peace with my current situation – whatever it might be. I have learned the power of letting go. I have allowed myself to open up, to be vulnerable, to be imperfect, and to listen to what my body is telling me. I learned the ability to accept my limitations, and learned to love myself from the inside out.

As a female in a world consumed with outward appearance, yoga has helped me to understand the importance of working from the inside out. I am learning every day to pay attention to the subtle signals of my body. Learning self awareness and self acceptance has improved practically all relationships in my life; from my relationship with food, to communicating from the heart, to the relationship with myself – learning to see and accept things as they are, rather than how I think they should be.

Yoga has helped me slow down and live in the present moment on and off my mat; focusing on that which I can control and letting go of that which I cannot.

As a practitioner and a teacher, I love: choreography, dance, movement and connection with one breath + movement and I love how music has the power to move you and take you deeper into your practice and your subconscious mind.

Outside of yoga, I enjoy spending time with my three energetic boys and tiny princess.

By education, I graduated from The University of Texas with a Bachelor or Arts in Spanish, Bachelor of Science in Corporate Communications, and a Certification of Business Foundations.
By professional trade, I am a Wealth Manager, Financial Advisor, Certified Financial Planning Practitioner from SMU and Certified Investment Manager Analyst from Wharton.  I am Managing Director of Elevate Wealth Management helping invest, manage, plan, and create portfolios that meet a select group of wealthy clients near & long term financial goals. I am also Founder of BODYbump Fitness helping guide women to find their own path to physical fitness pre-post pregnancy.

I look forward to guiding you through your own spiritual, emotional and physical journey on the mat.  Sharing the knowledge I have gained over the years, and helping you to identify areas of strength and opportunities for healing, one pose and one breath at a time.

All my love – namaste,

Dallas Yoga Gaia Flow Instructor