“And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself?” –Rumi

I arrived quite late to the yoga party. I was well into my forties and because age and gravity were starting to take their unwelcome toll on my body, I decided to try yoga simply as a means to get into better shape. I fell in love instantly. It was fun, it was invigorating, it was challenging.

But there was something more, something that would draw me back day after day, wanting to learn more and needing to learn more. There was something about yoga that was so beyond just physical exercise and holding each pose for extended lengths of time. It made me think more deeply. It made me feel more deeply. It made me happy in a way that I had never felt before. It soothed my soul. I left every yoga class feeling so much better than when I arrived. I left every class looking forward to the next time I could come back.

Initially, I was focused primarily on the asanas and spent lots of time at home trying to master some of the more challenging poses that I would see the seasoned yogis do so effortlessly in class. There is something quite satisfying about working so hard at something that seems so out of reach and difficult, and through relentless practice and dedication, it suddenly becomes attainable. That feeling of accomplishment is extremely rewarding. But after many months of daily practice, I started to see the bigger picture of yoga. I began to realize that the asanas and what we do on our mat is only a small part of the equation and actually a metaphor for what we do and don’t do off of our mat and in our real lives. I began to notice how drawn I am to the people that I have met through yoga. Regardless of their age or background, there was something about them on the inside that mirrored myself on the inside. Something, I discovered, I really liked about myself. They were passionate, they were kind, they had beautiful and loving souls. These were the people that I longed to be around. We were kindred spirits. There was something unique about yogis that truly made me feel at home.
I discovered Gaia Flow Yoga in the spring of 2012 and fell in love instantly.

I walked in that first day not knowing a soul, I walked out feeling embraced and loved as part of their family. This place was different than any other studio I had entered before. Through the love and support of Gaia Flow Yoga and through the amazing experience of teacher training, my entire life has transformed. Through this beautiful 5000 year old practice, I have transformed my body, my mind, and my soul. I have discovered things about myself that I never knew. It has taught me that I cannot control anything or anyone in my life, but I can control how I react to it. It has taught me that I am so much stronger than I ever gave myself credit for, both physically and mentally. It has taught me that through breath, through intention, through purpose, there is nothing I cannot do. It has taught me to approach everything in my life with the same fiery discipline that I apply while on my mat. It has taught me to approach every new situation with no judgement, only love. Through yoga, I have begun an amazing lifelong journey of love, acceptance, peace, and gratitude. I invite you and encourage you to begin your own beautiful journey both on your mat and in your life. I promise your life will be transformed in ways you never dreamed possible. I look forward to meeting you and hope to see you on the mat very soon.

Peace, Love, and Blessings,