I was born in the UK, in a house near the river Thames that flows to London. I grew up climbing the trees by the river near an ancient hunting lodge of King Henry VIII. I believed in the fairies who lived in my garden. Feeling their presence taught me that magic is all around us. It is life.

I was a good athlete, nimble and agile. I loved to dance and tumble outside, twirling with the wind, often dressed in flowing robes. The goddess within manifested at a young age of which I was unaware until many years later. I succeeded well by pure intuition. I never really planned anything as far as a career but it all worked out wonderfully.

I went to a PE college near Canterbury to study the art and science of movement. I taught PE for a while but then left England seeking sunshine and the chance to travel. I worked for Gulf Air, based in Bahrain, the Middle East. I met a beautiful South African, Alan, whom I married. We came to the Sates in 1980. I went back to school and received an MA from TWU. I then taught in the public school system for 25 years. I have 2 amazing children, Kimmy and Royce, who each have their own precious child. We are all yogis!

I have been practicing yoga all my life but began teaching it 12 years ago. I met Chrystal and Andres when they opened their first Gaia Flow studio in Addison. I am so grateful for the training they offer with so much love and commitment.

Teaching yoga allows me to share a beautiful practice that brings about self awareness. It brings one into the present moment, appreciating the breath, acknowledging the environment, accepting what is. Practicing yoga changes ones life.

We learn to love ourself, accepting our highest truth, knowing we are all beings of energy and light, created to serve the divine force of the universe. I am truly blessed to be part of Gaia Flow Yoga, having the opportunity to share and guide others to a place of peace, well-being and love. It is a beautiful journey and I invite you to join me.