My yoga journey began in 2015. It was while I was training for my first half marathon that a coworker of my mom’s, who happens to be a teacher at Gaia Flow, suggested I incorporate yoga into my training routine to help lengthen my muscles after strenuous, long distance runs. Once I completed my half marathon I did not stop attending yoga class – I was hooked!

I was initially attracted to yoga because of my years of dance background. An hour of vinyasa flow yoga felt like a beautiful, well-choreographed dance. I did not know how much my body missed moving in that type of way. After a few months, the deeper benefits were revealed to me. The emphasis on positive energy and self-exploration left me feeling lighter and more grounded in every aspect of my life.

After two years of practicing yoga, I knew I was ready to deepen my personal practice and take the next step in my yoga journey. In late 2017, I received my RYT 200 hour certification. Sharing the gift of yoga with my students is such an honor and gift. Each time I step on my mat to teach, I strive to bring the same positive energy that first connected me to my practice and still continues to solidify my love and passion for yoga.

Peace, Love, and Yogi Toes