My yoga journey began back in 2015 when the company I was working for brought in an instructor to teach employees.  Growing up competitively figure skating, the movement reminded me of how much I missed having a physical creative outlet.  Over the next few years I continued to grow in my practice as my career took me around Florida.  This is when yoga became a tool for me to manage the stress of my job in Finance on top of the physical benefits.  When yoga became my favorite part of the day I knew it was something I wanted to pursue on a deeper level, which lead me to become a certified 200 hour teacher.

Because of how I found yoga, making yoga accessible to all is what motivates me as a teacher; introducing the benefits beyond the physical to enhance all areas of my students’ lives.  One of my favorite aspects of yoga is that it’s a life long journey.  There are always places to go to and challenge yourself but sometimes it’s when you let go that you find the most growth.

When I’m not on the mat I enjoy being outside playing tennis, volleyball, and hiking.  I spend a lot of time traveling, exploring new places, and to see my family and friends in Upstate NY and Orlando, FL.

Namaste friends,