Gaia Flow Yoga Instructor - Mellissa NguyenMellissa called the Hogs in Arkansas, climbed active volcanoes in the South Pacific, and developed economic policies in California. Naturally curious and high energy, this tree hugger in stilettos currently lives in Dallas, taming her wanderlust through pole fitness, yoga, and other adrenaline filled activities.  It wasn’t until her late 20s did she start to develop an active lifestyle.  She started yoga as cross-training to develop overall muscular stability and, in turn, discovered self-awareness and self-respect.  She completed her 200 hour RYT at Gaia Flow Yoga.  Her favorite asanas include any inverted poses and arm balances simply because she believed that she was weak in the core and arms. Every time she is upside down and balanced, it reminds her that she is capable; practice and all is coming. In her spare time, she has a full time corporate job, cooks from scratch, and spoils her rescue dog, Oliver.