My Yoga journey began over 2 years ago when a medical crisis made me re-evaluate my life choices. I’ve been an aerobics instructor and personal trainer for over 30 years. My physical health was unquestionable. However as I got older, my mental and spiritual health became more of a focus. They are so intertwined with your physical health. I had practiced different forms of Yoga for years but not consistently. My New Year’s resolution became “practice Yoga regularly and become a Yoga Teacher”.

After investigating several Yoga trainings, I kept coming back to Gaia Flow training. The fact that it is “Love-Based” is extremely important to me. Love no matter what the spirituality or modality is a healing practice. I completed the RYT-200 Yoga Teacher training in June 2017 and to my wonderment, began experiencing improvements to my overall health almost immediately. I shed some weight and increased my flexibility, strength and balance both physically and mentally. I discovered just how important your breath is to every facet of your life.
Learning and now teaching Yoga has healed me in ways I couldn’t imagine. Injuries seemed to fade away and a sense of calm-centeredness and serenity became my constant companion. Yoga has complemented my belly dance practice as well as all the other aerobic and personal training skills I’ve established.

I look forward to continuing my Yoga journey and practice for many years to come. I went on to complete my RYT-500 Yoga training at Gaia Flow in June 2018. I love teaching and I want to share and promote the healing effects Yoga has had on my life with others.

Love and Health,