My yoga journey began in 2010 when I came to Gaia Flow Yoga. I wanted to practice yoga to get a good stretch and relax, since I spent my mornings in the gym lifting weights. Boy, was I in for a surprise when i got into my first downdog! Had no idea that there was muscles that I never used before and how much I wasn’t breathing properly. Then there is phycological side to yoga. I found that I could keep my mind calm and balanced even though my body was exerting a lot of energy. This got me eager to learn more in depth about this ancient practice.

I signed up for my 1st teacher training, 2012, at Gaia Flow Yoga, to get certified as a 200 RYT. Absolutely fell in love with the practice, but more importantly, started to fall in love with my life by moving into the inward journey of Self. That same year, I attended a week long Astanga training with David Swensen, to understand the different styles of yoga and just dive a little deeper into yoga. The following year, I obtained my 500RYT through Gaia Flow Yoga, and again, such a transformational experience. From that teacher training, the spark to learn meditation was born. Now once a year, I go to a 10 day Vipassana retreat to strengthen my daily meditation practice. I continue to deepen my practice through the Gaia Flow workshops, and other workshops abroad.

I hope that my love and passion for yoga shines through my teachings and inspires other to find their strength, mental clarity and their journey to the love, light, and abundance thats with in!

Ayako Gaia Flow Yoga Instructor