My adventure in yoga started in 2012 after years of running, weights and cross training had started leaving its mark of repetitive injury and decreased mobility. On the strong recommendation of my doctor, I rather reluctantly came to yoga as it was “mostly just chanting with strange people and stretching with your eyes closed”, rather than a real workout.

My perspective on yoga quickly changed about fifteen minutes into a rather vigorous vinyasa class in which I found myself largely stationary but astoundingly challenged and sweating a bit like a wildebeest.   The curiosity and enjoyment for the practice would quickly evolve into a passion for the transformations I’d see on & off the mat as well as a desire to share that journey with others. I became RYT-200 certified in 2014.

More than anything, I aim to create classes that offer students a challenging flow in which people can adapt to whatever their minds and bodies are asking for on that particular day while learning both mental and physical techniques that will evolve a yoga practice.   When I started yoga, I could barely touch my toes – so in my flows you’ll find an array of options to chose from and should never, ever feel intimidated to start, re-start or branch out to advance your practice in one of my classes.

Angela Killian Gaia Flow Yoga Instructor