I am a mother and a hard worker having entered the corporate world many many years ago I understand what it is like to juggle day to day stressors and responsibilities.  I wasn’t searching for anything in particular when I entered the Gaia Flow Yoga studio for the first time, I was invited to attend a class by a close friend of mine and my response was, “Sure, I’ll check it out… it may be a bit awkward as I’ve never practiced yoga before, but I’m down for trying something new.”  From that one experience I knew that I had found something that I was never going to let go of.

Everyone made me feel welcomed and comfortable, and the sense of total freedom through movement that I found, I knew that Gaia Flow was home base for me to learn and grow in my yoga practice.  When I discuss yoga with others, especially those who are somewhat new to the practice, I always find myself repeating one of the many things I’ve heard Chrystal say that holds true for me, “You don’t find yoga, yoga finds you.”

The clarity and oneness I gain by being committed to my yoga practice (mind, body, and spirit) and the sense of community and fulfillment discovered through Gaia where each person loves, supports, and encourages one another is immeasurable.  The personal transformation that I’ve experienced through yoga made it easy for me to see that I needed to share this love and passion with others.  I completed my 200 Certified Teacher Training course through Gaia Flow June, 2017 and am honored to have the opportunity to meet the new and also the loyal members of the Gaia Flow community, and share the practice of yoga with other like-minded individuals.


Yogini Amanda