Gaia Flow Yoga Instructor- Morgan GranfieldMy first yoga experience was in college, when the man who is now my husband suggested we attend a class on a whim. I deeply enjoyed the practice, but I was a poor college student without the means to attend class very often.
Fast forward a few years, and I found myself in a very successful, high-pressure, technology sales career. I was filled with stress and anxiety throughout my workday, and I would go home unable to leave my work behind. My career consumed my every waking thought. I worked long nights because I just could not turn off my engines. It even occupied my dreams. I longed for the serenity I felt on the yoga mat so many years ago, and decided to attend a class.

It is no coincidence that I found my way to Gaia Flow Yoga. I never felt the need to try out another local studio…to see what the others were like. I walked into Gaia Flow, and I was home. I made a conscious decision to hang up my hat in time for the 6:00pm classes. Not long after making my commitment to the practice, I found myself working shorter days, with less stress, and greater success. Before I knew it, I was the leading sales rep in my company! All the while, I had learned to be more present with my loved ones, to enjoy each and every moment of life, and to let go of anything that wasn’t serving my happiness and my higher purpose. I recognized then, as I do now, that the changes in my personal and professional life were absolutely attributed to my Gaia Flow Yoga practice.

As my love for the practice grew, I was confident that I wanted to learn more about the Eight Limb Path. I also had a strong desire to transform peoples’ lives the way that my instructors had inspired my growth and evolution. I completed the 10 week Gaia Flow RYT 200hr program in November, and it is the single best thing I have ever done for myself. Teaching new and experienced yogis creative and fun flows that take them on a life-altering journey is the highlight of my days. I also enjoy cooking, gardening, studying nutrition and holistic medicine, cycling and hiking with my husband and our vivacious dog-child Penny.

I know that I am exactly where I’m supposed to be on my path to self-realization. I hope that I, along with my beautiful family of Gaia Flow instructors, can help you find your way, too!

See you on the mat!

All my love,