Yoga came into my life around 2012 as the result of trying to rehab an injury and increase flexibility. I hear that’s a pretty normal way to get into it. I started off taking classes at the YMCA which was fun. 

Around 2015 I started needing a deeper emotional connection with my practice which is when I came across Gaia Flow. The teachers here are so invested and passionate. You can really feel the love.

I work as an EMT and I love the job, but it can range from total chaos to total boredom and total triumph to total heartbreak which can leave your personal life in a similar state. When Gaia Flow found me I was really scattered and confused. Yoga really helped heal a lot of my issues, both physical and emotional. It’s a chance to focus the mind on something true and real, and to be present. I really just want to be a part of that same healing for other people and continue to learn and grow as well. 

I want to make sure to always give my students something to take back into their everyday. Maybe it’s an adjustment in a pose, maybe it’s a story told, or maybe it’s a joke to use at the office the next day. Just something that can serve them when I’m not around. That’s the goal anyway.