I was born and raised in a small town in the southeast of China. In 2011,  I moved to Texas for college. With the huge culture shock and the pressure from school, I started to have the eating disorder – eat for emotion, not for hunger. I gained 50lbs in my freshman year. When I went back home, my parents did not even recognize me. Like every girl, I care about how I look. I want to look slim and fit into beautiful skirts. To lose weight, I started a lot of diets, Drinking vinegar, eating meal replacement, etc.  None of them works.

Until I found Gaia, it found my way to healing. Initially, I started to practice for relieving my lower back pain. I feel refreshed and light every time after practice. Yoga was only the supplementary for my workout routine at the beginning. However, after I tried Ocean, Mountain, Summit, it opens another door for me. I can get all kinds of workout on my mat. Cardio, Strenght, balance, flexibility, etc. The most importantly, it healed my eating disorder. And now, I enough my daily practice.

Relax and meditate, yoga is the best way to express myself. I like to share my journey with you and help you get more out of your practice. Join me on the mat and start to see the change in your life.

Stephanie Zeng