I joined Gaia Flow in 2013 as a way to find more balance in my life. I teach Krav Maga which is a very aggressive and intense activity and I wanted to find something that was just my own, which would allow me to completely unplug and just be a student again. I had no idea what to expect when I walked into the studio and I was in awe all throughout my very first class. Not only was the class exactly what I needed to calm my agitated mind, but I had never encountered so many people that radiated such kindness and love. I knew immediately that this was a place I needed to be.

Before I started yoga I was closed off and tightly wound. I was either completely detached from my emotions or overwhelmed by them. The further I go in my practice the more I have been able to open my heart, both to myself, and to others. It has been such a gift to be able to share so much more love and light with my friends, family and students.

I began teaching Krav Maga because I wanted to empower people, show them how strong they could be. I want to accomplish the same thing at Gaia Flow Yoga, as a yoga instructor I want to help my fellow yogis realize what they are capable of, who they really are, and then empower them to share that with the world.

Shannon Gillian Gaia Flow Yoga Instructor