I have always lived a healthy lifestyle, but my workout regimen always felt forced.  I would workout because that’s what you do to stay fit and healthy, not because I loved it.  In 2013, that all changed for me.  That was the year I found yoga.  I found a way to move my body and stay extremely fit and love every minute of it.  Now, thanks to Gaia and the classes they offer, my body is in the best shape it has ever been. Gaia does an amazing job of bringing you a well-balanced practice that works your mind, body and soul.  I knew once I found Gaia, I found my home.

Gaia has brought so much awareness to my practice.  I understand now how yoga challenges your mind, body and soul to connect and become one. When that happens a peace washes over you.  Everyone needs peace in their life and you can find it in the meditative movements of yoga.  For me, yoga breathes life back into my soul and keeps my mind and body healthy.  Everyday you will find me on my mat.  If it’s at home, the studio, or in a park I will always find time for the mat.  There is something so satisfying in the movement of yoga.  Each movement is done with intention and reminds you that you are alive, living, breathing and loving.  Yoga brings me back to what is important.  It reminds me to move with intention, love and peace.  I am so blessed that I can share my love of yoga.  Yoga will always be apart of my life.

Selwa Mitchell

Selwa Mitchell Gaia Flow Yoga Instructor