Sarah ShiplettMy yoga journey began where it originated… I had the beautiful opportunity to practice and learn about yoga in India as the sun rose, the monsoon winds swirling in through the windows, no mirrors, our teacher chanting Sanskrit in the air. It was a gift that carried over as I landed back in the states. Each time I would leave a yoga class, I’d feel alive–more alive than I ever had before. A complete love of everything…joy in all that surrounded me…For me, it was definitely a calling to pursue teaching. As I began my search for teacher training, I always felt something missing…I needed the love based practiced that is Gaia.

Yoga inspires, creates, manages those little places in our lives, in our hearts that need to open just a little bit more. When we open our hearts, we open our life up to such joy. It all starts on the mat, and slowly a transformation will unfold.
It transforms the way we move, the way we live, even the way we breathe. Growing up and into adulthood, I suffered from asthma. Each morning, I would take a low-dose steroid since I could remember. I took charge of my health, practicing daily and with focus on diaphragmatic breathing and Ujjayi breath, I am so thankful to have been off all medication for almost a year. Yoga is a gift, a science of life and well-being that has the power to change your life, by changing your perspective, with love.

The friendly faces, the love based practice, the vibration of the music, the remembrance of my travels that I could feel in the hot air. Whatever it is, I am home. I hope you find your home here at Gaia, too!

All of my love,