My journey in yoga started with a love of movement. I wasn’t one to push myself physically, but I resonated with the simplicity of physically moving from a more conscious place. When I decided to take physical fitness more seriously the only thing I found I enjoyed was my yoga practice. I loved how I could chose a gentle day or challenging day, and still practice from the same foundation. As I continued to grow in this practice and push myself further, I found joy and confidence in the strength I was building by showing up and accepting the challenges my teachers presented to me. My practice became more holistic as I found myself experiencing peace, self-love, and emotional strength on mat during stressful and uncertain seasons of life. This has lead me back to my mat again and again.

After experiencing the love and personal growth at Gaia Flow I decided to take on a new challenge and learn the skills in order to gift these lessons of yoga to others. I aim to guide my students in experiencing both the physical and emotional benefits that come from a yoga practice, and hope that they feel more strong, loved, and fully present in their lives as a result.