Sarah Beth - Gaia Flow Yoga InsrtuctorSarah Beth – Gaia Flow Yoga Instructor

Until I came to Gaia Flow Yoga, my yoga practice could only be characterized as static. Moving through poses came effortlessly to me, or so I thought. Once I entered the studio and took my first class from Andres, I realized that I had truly only touched the iceberg when it came to yoga. I didn’t realize how I could use lines of energy and bandhas to my benefit, and how much easier certain poses would come just by making subtle changes in my practice. From the teacher training, I am now guarded with information to take my personal practice to a whole new level, in addition to sharing the same information, joys, and gifts of yoga with others. It has been the most pleasant addition to my life meeting everyone at Gaia Flow Yoga, and it is my passion to be omnipresent in the moment and move with love in everything I do.

With all my heart, namaste.