I began my yoga practice four years ago, and just like the best things in life, the transformation was amazing and unexpected. Not only did I see the changes in my physical body, but also, in the manner, I lead and experienced my life. I too was one of those strangers, outside of the studio’s window, wondering how these human beings could touch their head with their toes or how anyone in the world could put themselves in such inspiring yet vulnerable positions, and what I have realized it just that it takes practice and patience.

As a student, I have explored several yoga and barre studios, my favorite classes are those that teach you how to simply breathe, feel, and live in the moment. It is in those moments in which I have discovered a lot about myself and in turn, how beautiful and capable humanity is of growth and compassion if we just give ourselves a little bit of time.

As an instructor, I hope to guide you to where you need to be and give you the tools for you to become the greatest and full expression of your true and authentic self. See you on the mat.