I am completely in love with yoga in its entirety. Like most, I used to think yoga was just stretching. Gaia Flow Yoga taught me that Yoga is a marrying of the mind and body; a partnership that works in conjunction with one another, a beautiful tapestry connecting mind, body, and soul.

Yoga on the mat is a physical representation of the mind’s manifestation and the heart’s determination. In times where I’ve felt lost, confused or untethered, I have found myself on the mat. Humbled and stripped of all the pressures and constraints of expectations and ego, I’ve learned to return to the breath. “I’m breathing. I’m living. I’m fine” has become one of my mantras.

Yoga has taught me to be present and given me a true growth mindset that has seeped into my practice off the mat. The asanas that once seemed impossible have become possible. I apply it to the challenges in my daily life. Thinking, “If I can touch my head with my toes, then I can certainly handle this too”.

Yoga is more than stretching. It’s a lifestyle of letting go to grow. I can’t wait to share and join your yoga journey! #loveiswhy

See you on the mat!