To be honest, I’ve never enjoyed working out. It was always something I knew I should do, but that was uncomfortable and sweaty and competitive. Pass. But after a few classes at Gaia, I knew this was different. I noticed how this was extending far past just exercising my body. Yoga seemed to dance with all of me – my body mind AND soul. Every day that I return to mat, which is now my safe place, I get an hour to breathe. To notice my breathe. To just see and observe what is going on in my life and my mind and my heart. Without judgement. In doing so, I create space to come back to the thinker behind the thoughts, to my soul, to my truest self. To practice self-love and spiritual disciplines. To regain perspective, and shift back to love. And in turn, I begin living more authentically, more kindly, more compassionately, more in line with my purpose in life.

It’s tough being human sometimes, isn’t it? Life isn’t always rosy, but as cheesy as it sounds, Love really is always the answer. I believe we can help heal the world when we heal ourselves. And there is an overwhelming need for healing love in this world right now. The greatest gift we can give to our loved ones and community is actually just our presence. Our attention. And the beautiful thing is, there is nothing outside of us that’s needed for that. We just have to learn…and practice… how to get there, and come back there. Again, and again. And that’s what yoga helps me do, return to my breathe, to my body, to the present moment. It helps me be right here, right now. Full of love, full of joy, full of peace, and full of light.

I can’t wait to see you on the mat.