Very quickly yoga became more than just postures for me; it became a tool in my toolbox for life to help me reverse many of the hard-wired patterns ingrained in me from years suppressed emotions and trauma.  Yoga has been a gift that has allowed me to connect back with my body, excavate deep rooted emotional wounds, let go of “stories”, and learn to trust myself.

I have a Master’s degree in Special Education and in 2010 Co-Founded a school program in Dallas for children with special needs. As a special education teacher, one of my strengths was to make accommodations and modifications so that every child no matter what diagnosis or severity could participate and expand skills.  I look forward to offering each student walking into the studio variations and choices to help them strengthen themselves as individuals.

Through my yoga journey, I have come to a profound understanding that our bodies are faithful partners that help us carry the load life may present us. It goes through every difficult and joyful life experience with us. Yoga allows for one to cultivate an open, receptive, and present relationship with their body and breath. Those two things become a bridge to completely access and heal the conscious and unconscious trauma that finds its way into our lives. I would like to dedicate my teaching to the concept that housed in every one of us is the intrinsic knowledge and capability to heal even the most devastating of wounds.