I was a runner for years. I always practiced yoga on my off days to work on my flexibility – but it really was gym yoga or yoga on DVD’s – which are both good introductions to yoga. Twenty years of long distance running was starting to take a toll on my body so I started to try various schools of yoga but never found a real fit. When I moved to Dallas, I found the family at Gaia Flow and I was amazed at the wonderful, compassionate family that I found. I felt I had found a home. Since coming to Gaia Flow, my practice has progressed more in one year than it had in the past fifteen years of gym yoga. I decided to join the yoga teacher training program as a way to develop my practice. Through the classes, the practice and my fellow yogis, I fell in love with teaching yoga. I look forward to working with each and every one of you through your yoga practice.

Namaste – the divine light in me honors and acknowledges the divine light in you.
Patty Ryan