Yoga Instructor Misty MillerI began practicing yoga almost four years ago, when a friend invited to me to class with her.  At the time I was very hesitant, and thought that yoga was just about stretching.  I ran and lifted weights, on a regular basis, and didn’t understand the mental and physical aspects of yoga. I learned in my first yoga class that my assumptions were very wrong.  Even with all my strength, I didn’t have the discipline, or focus to hold many of the poses.  I was hooked from then on out, and began a regular yoga practice.  I fell a lot, laughed a lot, and cried a little. I was fortunate this year to find Gaia Flow Yoga.  I had been to many studios, but still felt like something was missing. I was welcomed with compassionate, loving arms, and immediately felt right at home.  I was becoming physically and mentally stronger than I had ever been in my life!  Things that at one time would have sent me into panic mode, no longer seemed significant.  I began to open up my body, and my heart.  My relationships grew stronger, and I noticed an improved mood and mental clarity.  I began to strip away the layers, and take notice of what really mattered to me.  Following a yogic philosophy and lifestyle has helped me to let go of past angers, and stresses.  It has taught me to stop worrying about the past or the future, and remain connected, focused, and to enjoy the present moment. I love the way yoga makes me feel connected to the universe, and to a power higher than myself. As a nurse by trade, I want to heal every wound; as a yoga instructor, I have been given the tools, to heal from the inside out. I know that life led me to Gaia Flow Yoga for a reason; and I hope to inspire and share the beautiful gifts of yoga with all my students.  
“Be the change you want to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi