img_0893_2.jpgI have been practicing yoga since 2005. I took up yoga because I have asthma and wanted to improve my health and breathing. It was only the last 2 years that yoga has brought me into a different realm. Thanks to Gaia Flow, it has become a turning point in my life, not just the physical aspect, but also spiritually. It taught me many things, like conscious living, Self-awareness, compassion and surrender, amongst many others. I realized that I had a lot of struggles and I noticed that I was resisting myself and reality. Now, it is easier for me to let things be the way they are and I am no longer fighting with my own breath. As I practice yoga and incorporate it into my daily life, I feel more peaceful, less angry and less critical. In return, I can give more and offer joy to the people around me. My yoga practice is no longer about getting into the poses, but to be present and pay attention to my breathing and asanas and let my body leads me to where it wants to flow.

I graduated with an MBA in Information Systems and Operation Management and joined the corporate rat-race. Outside work, yoga has helped me achieve work-life balance. I also like to travel, backpack/camp/hike, snowboard and dance. Yes, salsa and tango dancing! I love to spend quiet time outdoors enjoying God’s most beautiful gift, nature, but I also like to be in the company of friends.

At first, I was not sure if I am ready to be a teacher, but now after 10 weeks of teacher-training, I intent to share this gift with others. It has marked the beginning of my yogic journey.