I had been competing in Triathlons for the previous 5 years and have been a runner for the last 15 years. I found myself in a rut and unmotivated to do the daily workouts I’d been maintaining for so long. At the insistence of one of my friends, I came to my first yoga class in 2011; I left that first day more relaxed than if I’d had a 2 hour massage. I was amazed that you could actually release so much stress in an hour. Immediately I was in love with this relaxation feeling! A high stress job and the stress of constantly training had taken it toll. Over the first month, I realized I was not only loosing weight and toning up but getting faster in my runs. It was then that I realized yoga compliments ALL types of physical training. I was pleasantly surprised with all of its many benefits—physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The benefits of yoga are simply astounding. Yoga has brought a great sense of calm and groundedness into my life. It has cultivated mindfulness, contentment, and simplification in my life. Over my yoga journey, I’ve found I’m not only a better athlete; I’m a better wife, a better employee and a better persona all around. I finally felt grounded and centered, a peace came over me that I never in a million years thought would have happened.

Yoga not only transformed my body but also my mind. Studying the philosophy of yoga challenges me further on my yogic journey. It is positively shaping the way I view the world and others, as well as myself, and shedding light and finding the positive in every situation. Yoga is a practice of presence and awareness—a whole life approach. It has the ability to transform lives. I am honored and humbled to be able to share this amazing tool with others.

My journey through teacher training only cemented and grew my love of yoga. I am excited to share the benefits of yoga; how it can grow you spiritually abut also physically. If you want to learn more about how yoga helps you athletically I’m more than happy to share my own personal results. My intention in teaching others is to guide them to their full potential – whether it is physically, mentally, or spiritually. See you on the mat soon!

All My Love,