In 2006, after a couple of years of practicing yoga, I decided to take it as a “PE” credit at my university. We had a wonderful teacher and the class opened me up to the spiritual and mental sides of yoga. Before that class, I just thought yoga was exercise. After the course ended, I was motivated to begin a personal practice at home and practiced every day. I studied yoga closely, and before long my yoga practice wasn’t just a part of my day, but my day was shaped by my practice. I noticed that on days that I hadn’t practiced yet I had a shorter temper and more scattered thoughts. I adopted a yoga lifestyle and found peace and balance. In college I studied painting and jewelry design. 2007-2010 were extremely creative years for me. I studied yoga, meditation, vibration, the chakras, chanting and spirituality, which all carried over into my works of art. My entire body of work and style developed strait from my yoga practice. Yoga and art making taught me how to pray. In the summer of 2011 I decided that to benefit from yoga, I must practice every single day, even if it’s only for 15 minutes. I made this time and expressed my devotion to some friends, who were interested, so we started practicing together. Early 2012 one day in the breakroom at work I was asked this question by a fellow employee: “If we got a yoga or tai chi DVD, would you be interested in doing it with us in the mornings?” and for some reason, I just said “I can teach you yoga.” And so it began. I started leading them thru a practice, and came to the realization that this is what I need to be doing. I need to teach yoga, I need to share the light with others. I had researched teacher training before but never gone through with it. I found Gaia and signed up. From day one, every one at Gaia was my family. We became amazing teachers because we were taught by extraordinary teachers. I am honored to teach the discipline of yoga and continue sharing the light.

The Body is My Temple and The Asanas are My Prayers ~Iyengar