Yoga saved my life and I mean just that. I found my way to yoga at a time when I was searching for my true identity and worth. I was experiencing vigorous emotional and physical waves and found difficulty in finding balance. In an attempt to dig deeper, I attended my first two yoga practices at the fitness center where I currently teach group classes. The yoga classes were taught by two Gaia Flow Yoga trained instructors. I had no idea that these two women would be instrumental in changing my life forever.

I grew up in Atlanta, Ga. but my family is from Los Angeles. I’m passionate about loose leaf tea, letter pressed stationary, handwritten letters, performing arts, rocks, Agent Provocateur, sweet potatoes, and of course, yoga. I love being near water, the ocean, represents limitless possibilities to me. I’m an ocean girl in every way. I’m known to rock the boat and my life has always been about fearlessly catching challenging waves. I enjoy riding vigorous tidal waves and when I’m done conquering them it feels like I’m floating. I am strongly connected to the Svadhisthana and Vishuddha Chakras.

I connect with yoga the same way I do with dance. Both allow me to express how I feel through movement when words aren’t enough. They make me feel strong, vulnerable, beautiful, uninhibited, and incredibly sexy. While these feelings are amazing, they aren’t the only reason I have a deep respect and gratefulness for yoga in my life.

As an asthma sufferer, yoga has dramatically helped with my breathing. Learning correct breath control has been instrumental. The practice of yoga has helped me to move inward and focus on the study of self. Yoga continues to teach me how to interact with the world around me and how to treat myself.

Yoga has been one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received. I want every student I teach to walk away from their practice feeling empowered to be true to who they are unapollogetically. I’d love to guide you through your next practice! Meet me in the studio soon!