Yoga Instructor Leslie StormsMy relationship with yoga began more than 5 years ago. Initially, I dabbled in yoga out of desperation. I was desperate to alleviate low back pain brought on by stress. I feel a bit astounded when I consider the numerous and various yoga studios that I have explored on this life-changing journey. However, the relationship completely changed when I entered Gaia Flow Yoga. I felt enveloped by a feeling of love, peace, and strength. The infinite open arms and hearts have helped strengthen my search for both inner and outer peace.

I want to thank Chrystal and Andres for their continued support, guidance, and love as I strive to swim in the turbulent waters, climb the highest mountain, and withstand the vastness of the desert. My yogic path has been filled with a sense of freeness, acceptance, and more importantly spirituality.

Leslie Storms Yoga InstructorI have worked as a registered nurse for over 10 years most of which I was assisting in the operating room. After 7 years of nursing, I returned to school earning a Master’s Degree in Family Therapy. I am a licensed marriage and family therapist and have had the opportunity to work with couples, families, and individuals all searching for some support. As evidenced by my educational choices, I have always held a deep desire to help others alleviate their earthly troubles.

I enjoy spending time with my mischievous basenjis (Gypsy & Mr. Dubs), mountain biking, and sharing time with friends. I invite you to come and join me on the mat so that we can all begin to embrace Gaia Flow Yoga’s offering of “all that is.” 
…Love, Leslie