I have practiced at Gaia Flow since 2005 and have seen the studio grow and touch so many lives. I’m so grateful for Chrystal and Andres and all the effort they have put into the studio and their students.

I am originally from Canada and moved to Texas many years ago. I obtained a history degree prior to entering the healthcare field as a Registered Nurse while living in Canada.  As a yoga instructor it is refreshing to see yogis pursue wellness and healing.

I have a wonderful husband who shares my passion for yoga.  We are raising a rambunctious son who has been part of the Gaia family since before he was born as I was able to practice yoga throughout most of my pregnancy.  Yoga is a life long journey and can be practiced at many different stages of life.

The practice of yoga is so much more than exercise, it really “spills” off your mat and into your life! Yoga is for anyone and everyone!

Hope to see you on the mat,