In 2009 when I began yoga I didn’t realize that I was beginning a lifelong journey.  My junior year of college I tore a tendon in my shoulder while competing as a collegiate athlete. After surgery, before being released from rehabilitation, I found yoga, it became my shelter from the negatives of dealing with and overcoming an injury. I wasn’t allowed to run or lift weights or do what I was accustomed to. The beautiful gift of yoga offered a place for me and it can offer a place for anyone, no matter where you are physically, mentally or emotionally. Although, my shoulder injury kept me from physically going places on my mat for several years, I was not limited mentally or emotionally. My body opened up, as well as my heart and my mind to enjoy more of God’s gift of life. I never knew that a physical movement could be so beautifully therapeutic.

My sister who has been a member at Gaia Flow for years gave me a month membership last year to begin my time at GFY. The moment I walked in I felt an acceptance from others that I hadn’t ever felt before in a “work-out” environment. No one was competing. Everyone wonderfully there to contribute to the positive atmosphere. While attending classes at GFY last summer I was simultaneously struggling with a career and balancing work life. I joined teacher training at Gaia Flow last September because I knew I needed to balance out my negative work life with my own positive growth through yoga. With the encouragement of my sweet husband and the affirmation from the GFY community I joined teacher training. The 10 week long commitment of teacher training pulled me out of my work rut by allowing myself to see how truly strong I can be, how capable I am of overcoming challenges, and how I can accomplish by simply being present.

I invite you to experience your own growth and presence on the mat. Come join me!

Peace and love,

Laura Neil Gaia Flow Yoga Instructor