Yoga Instructor Kitra TailorI have been studying yoga at Gaia Flow since 2006. Before that I was a professional belly dance instructor since 1992. I recently completed Gaia Flow Yoga, YA 200 Hour Teacher Training in 2008. I feel like an entirely different person from when I started yoga at Gaia Flow and now, and there is still so much more wonderful change ahead of me. I am so blissful in being a part of the Gaia Flow Yoga family!
I knew Gaia Flow was for me the moment I walked through the door. This is a place filled with love. After struggling with multiple severe injuries to loose weight at gyms and other yoga studios, not only did I manage to loose 30 pounds in less than one year at Gaia Flow, but I also became an entirely new person. I came to Gaia Flow a bitter and angry person, filled with a lot of hate and despair. Now I can’t stop smiling. I feel full of hope and I know I can take on challenges and follow my dreams. Gaia Flow are truly changed my life and I am so glad it did!