I believe yoga is the fountain of youth. I have seen the “magic” of yoga in my life and the life of my clients. Yet, even with that big of a statement, yoga is so much more. My life has changed for the better because on a gray December day I walked into a little studio that I couldn’t even properly pronounce the name of in Addison, TX.

Since the age of 14 I have been into fitness. My first job as a teenager was teaching aerobics at the brand new gyms that were popping up everywhere, 24 Hour Fitness. Aerobics had just hit the world and it was crazy fun. I noticed at a young age that fitness and in particular running cleared my head, quieted the noise, and made my body feel good. Between the age of 14 and now my life has taken many paths yet the one thing that has always been constant is my love of health and fitness. As an adult I have moved every few years and always one of the first questions that is asked when arriving at the new city is, “where is the gym” or “where can I run”.

After having a major life change of divorce and realizing the need to provide for myself and my children I turned full time towards my passion of health and fitness and have made a beautiful career out of something I love. I first turned towards personal training then I became a certified Pilates instructor. I truly wake up excited to go to work. But it has come with challenges. With the schedule I keep I am on my feet and using my body constantly. This past year I started feeling the strain, specifically in my lower lumbar spine. The pain became so intense that at one point I started thinking I might need to look for another career where I wasn’t moving and on my feet so much. A friend mentioned a new yoga facility that he had been trying. I had tried yoga several times over the years and although I liked it, it never really stuck.

I went to my first class at Gaia Flow Yoga and instantly knew this was different. After several classes and a short learning curve I was hooked. And over the next few weeks my back improved dramatically. But it was so much more. Living in the moment, Peace, Joy, Gratitude, Respect, Introspection, Beauty, Breath, Forgiveness, Love, Divinity and more were becoming constant focuses of my body and mind. Yoga has changed my life. One of the best decisions I have ever made was to go through the teacher training. Now an already fulfilling job has become even more so because I can share yoga with the world and slowly help others change their lives. I look forward to so much in the future involving yoga and my constant pursuit to learn more and live more. Can’t wait to meet you on the mat! Namaste!