“I started doing yoga when I was in college in 2010. I loved the physical practice but would sneak out of savasana because I couldn’t be alone with my thoughts. I took an adjunct class to create a foundation for my practice, and I almost failed. I stepped away from yoga for a few years as I fell into the strong grasp of addiction, but eventually the spirit of the universe brought me back to this amazing practice. I started getting serious about yoga in 2015 when I moved to Dallas to get sober. Over the past couple of years, my personal practice—both meditation and asana—has grown immensely, and I have had the pleasure to get 200 hour Teacher Training certification as well as a 300 hour Teacher Training certification. I love yoga because it helped me heal my body, mind and soul. I equate a lot of the personal transformation that I have experienced to this practice. I became more disciplined, open, and kind to others and to myself. Teaching yoga was never something that I dreamed of doing even when I took teacher training, but it has become my most fiery passion and brings me great joy to share this gift with others. I love challenging flows with tricky transitions that get your heart rate up and allow you to be fully present on your mat. Yoga has shown me what it means to truly move with grace and non attachment both on and off the mat.”