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Each breath, this one, and this one, and this one is a gift.  And the breath is one in which many of us are blessed with the ability to choose how the breath will move through the body.  This correlates to how one chooses to move through this life, this journey, on and off the mat.
As one who has been called to be a servant, the journey has been a lifetime of “fitness” for the mind, body, and spirit.  Reading, writing, studying, learning, pursuing the call, has been filled with love, peace, and joy. 
Part of the call has included a path of club swimming, track and field, aerobics, duathlons, sprint triathlons, and various styles of yoga.  It has also included seventeen years of experience in the healthcare industry from direct patient care, education, marketing, management, traveling the world and partnering with people from Asia Pacific, Canada, Europe, Middle East, & Africa, Latin America, and the United States. 
Additionally, the path has been illuminated by a light that has shown how people are more alike than they are different.  No matter what time zone one lives in, no matter what language one speaks, people want to love and to be loved.  The light has resonated even more so during the times of volunteering at a food pantry or volunteering at an organization that serves abused children.  People in need, and we are all in need at some level, are not concerned with nationalities or job titles, they want their BEINGness to be loved.
The beauty is how yoga has been and continues to be a path that encourages love, consciousness, present moment mindedness, embracing the BEINGness that flows spiritually, emotionally, intellectually and physically.  Thus, it is an honor to share the good news about the language of yoga, the language of anatomy, equipping and empowering people with information that may lead to choosing health, to choosing BEING. 
The very BEING that you are is Truth.
Master of Science, Anatomy, Master of Business Administration, Marketing, Registered Yoga Teacher-200 hours