Yoga has not only changed by body it has changed my life. I discovered my passion for yoga at Gaia Flow Yoga a little over three years ago. I stumbled into the studio looking for a hard core workout. After a 90 minute Ocean class I found myself laying in Savasana, not wanting to leave the mat. I felt comfort, peace, and acceptance. I had never experienced that after a normal workout. I felt invigorated. I came back day after day week after week. I discovered myself opening up, not just from a flexibility standpoint but from an emotional stand point as well. I began to let go of my story, I started to let life unfold the way it was supposed to, staying present and accepting each day for what it was.

Over the past three years I have told my family and friends about the benefits I have gotten out of yoga. I started realizing why am I just telling them, let me show them; let me share this passion with them. I decided that this was what I wanted to do. I wanted to share the life changing effects of yoga with everyone I could. All you have to do is meet me on the mat. It is on the mat that you will find out who you are. Stay open, stay present, and stay in love with your life.