A little bit about who I am…

I was born in Michigan but California is my homeland.  My parents, sisters and brother made my childhood idyllic.  I have been married for almost 30 years to a wonderful man who still makes me smile.  My two sons own my heart and I love my grandchildren so much it hurts.  I have been blessed with two darling daughters-in-law that I have added to my list of cherished family members.  I am grateful for all of my friends, some of whom I have known most of my life. 

My favorite job was being the owner of a surf and skate shop named Capistrano Surf and Sport in Southern California.  I am proud of the work I did even though the recession of 2008 caused it to fail.  Monday is my favorite day of the week and mornings are the best time of my day,  both offer a fresh start.  In the fall I get excited for Notre Dame football and I love ALL marching bands.  I love stand-up paddle boarding and I miss the Pacific Ocean everyday.  Books, music, walking and yoga are activities I cannot live without. 

Why I became a yoga teacher…

My yoga journey began because of a damaged hip from a childhood injury and too much running.  I took my first Gentle Waves class at Gaia Flow Yoga thinking that if I did a little yoga I would be able to return to my previous athletic activities.  Yoga did help my damaged hip feel better, but the sense of calm that washed over me when I was in a yoga studio peaked my interest.  There are a lot of yoga studios in the area, but I choose Gaia Flow Yoga because of the “Love is Why” philosophy.  Every time I walked through the studio doors the instructors knew my name, they knew of my injuries and were genuinely interested in my well being.   I surprised myself when I signed up for teacher training and was even more surprised when I agreed to teach some classes.  I am honored to become a Gaia Flow Yoga instructor!