Karissa DavisThroughout my life, I bounced from place to place, job to job, interest to interest, searching for my purpose. I was always envious of people who seemed to have it all figured out, who knew what they wanted to do and excelled in their passions.
After starting yet another new career, a co-worker invited me to a Gaia Flow Yoga class after work one day. Yoga? Isn’t that just stretching? Sure, I’ll try that. Five minutes into that first class, I realized yoga is so much more than just a workout. It was completely different than any other workout I had ever done. I immediately felt at peace and a desire to become a better person. I remember lying in savasana at the end of the class, exhausted and drenched in sweat, with tears rolling down my cheeks. The physical and spiritual release that my heart, mind and body had experienced had brought me to tears. At first, I felt embarrassed, hoping no one would see my vulnerability. Instead, I was embraced by fellow yogis and the compassionate instructor.
Not long after my first class, I took a leap of faith and quit the corporate world for good. I had finally found my calling. I realized I was meant to share the incredible gift that is yoga and become a full-time instructor. Gaia Flow helped me find my passion in life and gave me the opportunity to finally feel acceptance after a lifetime of never quite fitting in or finding my niche.
The mental, spiritual and physical difference that yoga has made in my life is profound. In addition, my relationships have flourished because of its effects. I’m never forced to be somebody I’m not, I’m never in competition with anyone. I only feel love from this practice, from Gaia Flow and from all of its instructors. Thank you. I will see you on the mat soon! I look forward to witnessing your transformation as well. Namaste.