My yoga journey began when I was in high school. My drill team instructor was yoga savvy and would guide us through simple flows during warm up.  We never got advanced and used yoga mostly for stretching purposes.  It was not until 2006 that I truly found yoga.  A friend took me with her to work out at a gym and we incorporated yoga into our workout routine. She was already very familiar with the practice.  Although I was new I caught on very quickly and felt like a natural, but my journey had just begun and I had a lot to learn.  I will never forget the first time I heard the Ujjayi breath. My friend was doing it so I followed suit. I never asked what it was or why she was doing it…It just felt right and I did it from that day on.

At that very momentI developed a deeper understanding of the connection between breath and movement. For the next 8 years I practiced gym yoga and at home taking myself through poses moving where my body needed to go.  This approach suited me until I began to feel stagnant in my practice.  It felt as if something was missing.  And there was.  Gaia Flow Yoga was missing…I just didn’t know it yet.

Like many others I heard about Gaia Flow Yoga  from a friend who told me “You have to try it!” My first class was Gentle Waves which was pretty challenging and not at all what I expected.  The next day I went to Ocean and for the first time I saw handstands incorporated into the flows.  I was hooked!!  I got the $21 week pass and have been going ever since.  This yoga family has taken me to places I could only dream of both physically and mentally.  I have developed a deeper love and understanding for my practice and desire to grow even more to share what I have learned with all who inquire.  I have always felt the longing to teach and what better way than to teach my passion…moving meditation.  I look forward to guiding you through these wonderful and life changing practices.  See you on the mat!

All my light, all my love, Namaste,
Karen Perkins

Karen Perkins Gaia Flow Yoga Instructor