My yoga journey started years ago as a means to escape the office when I first got out into the “real world”.  I played competitive soccer all my life, through high school and college.  I was used to always being active and outside and never considered yoga because I had the mindset of “If I’m going to spend an hour working out… it better be worth it”.  I decided to take my first yoga class during my lunch break in order to get out of the office and do something active without getting too sweaty.  My very first class I was hooked…and sweaty.  I loved the fact that yoga was a great form of exercise and was gentler on my body.  The competitive side of me wanted to come back and challenge myself to get all the poses I wasn’t able to do.

My yoga transformation began when I found Gaia Flow.  I realized there was so much more to yoga than just poses.  My practice used to be very ego driven.  As I continued my Gaia Flow experience little by little I started implementing all the other important parts of yoga that I was learning (the breath, the Yamas and Niyamas we focus on at the begging of class, etc.) into my practice. These small changes produced such an apparent transformation in not just my practice but my everyday life. This transformation had me very curious and I wanted to learn more about the background of yoga.  One of the main reasons I became an instructor was to simply increase my knowledge of yoga as a student.

The biggest takeaway for me is that yoga is truly a journey and every day is another opportunity to grow your practice.  I’ve learned so much from my instructor course and am excited to share that knowledge and experience with all of you.  See you on the mat soon!

Ayako Gaia Flow Yoga Instructor