My best friend introduced me to Gaia Flow Yoga over four years ago now.  She took me to a 90 minute Ocean Flow with Andres Illera.  I remember watching all the powerful yogis in the room and feeling so inspired by their energy.  This is when I fell in love with yoga.

I was a cheerleader growing up so my initial connection to yoga was the physical practice.  I would say maybe 2 months after coming to the studio regularly is when I started to see a change in not only my practice, but in my life.  My career has always been very stressful and yoga became an outlet for me and it helped me to reconnect to myself and the things that truly mattered most to me in life. As I kept showing up on my mat, I found myself growing stronger physically and mentally.  I was inspired by so many of the instructors at the studio and that’s when I knew I wanted to go through teacher training so I could do the same one day.

Yoga has challenged me, inspired me, motivated me and developed me in so many ways mentally, spiritually and physically.  I have met so many amazing people throughout my yoga journey at Gaia Flow and am happy to see where my yoga journey continues to take me.  I hope to share my love with those and inspire those around me just as I have experienced in my time at the studio.


Kaitlin Ferguson Gaia Flow Yoga Instructor