JULIE BROOKS  -INSTRUCTOR GAIA FLOW YOGAMy love for yoga began about 8 years ago when I visited my first yoga class in a local hot yoga studio. Along my yogic path, I have since experienced many different yoga styles offered in Dallas, but found my yogic home at Gaia Flow Yoga.

My initial attraction to Gaia Flow Yoga was the uniquely comprehensive 3 part Gaia Flow Yoga series (Ocean, Mountain, Desert) as a physically challenging, yet peaceful spiritual practice.

“It is my truest intention to share my love of this practice of yoga with my students.”

This unique combination compelled my yogic journey into teaching as a means of deepening my personal practice and sharing the gift of Gaia Flow Yoga with my students.

When asked why I chose Gaia Flow Yoga among the many different styles available on the path to self-realization, my answer is simple, this extraordinary and unique Gaia Flow Yoga practice has completely changed and enhanced my life. I contribute my abundant health and positive attitude to the practice of Gaia Flow Yoga, which encourages less stress, more energy and spiritual serenity.

Because I work in promotional product sales, have five children, a wonderful husband and also teach Gaia Flow Yoga, I am the first to admit that her Gaia Flow Yoga practice is more than a luxury, it is a wellness necessity and way of life.

As a Gaia Flow Yoga teacher, it is my truest intention to share my love of this practice of yoga with my students in the hope that they too find the same excitement and benefit I have found.

Blessings and love

Julie Brooks